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- Software, Hardware & Programming
- Start-up & Training

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Modbus ToTables™ Software

Take control and dispose of the entire property's data
with Opto22 EMU-SNR-DR2 & ModbusToTables™ software.
• Collect property data from different suppliers
• Easy to share operation and technology data
• Tool for to meet regulatory requirements for energy monitoring
• Perform calculations, statistics & reports on collected data
• Reading sub-meters for invoicing
• Write data to real estate systems
• Alarm with mail function
• Easier to perform analysis when all data is compiled in one data database
• Open system with a number of communication solutions
• Publish data in your own network or on WEB & Smartphone
• Export data in csv, xls customized format 


Remote Valve Control

Remote control of valve with hydraulic 2 speed actuator.
Incl. mail notification of alarm & event.


Remote System Control

Control of remote system via web browser.
Incl. statistic, alarm monitoring & trending.


Burner Control

Thermal oil boiler control with trend, alarm & statistics.
Incl. Gas & Oil  burner flame control.


Alarm monitoring

Real estate alarm monitoring via web browser.
Incl. mail alarm notification.


Water quality control

Public swimming pools and spa pools analysis control system with trend, alarm, event & energi monitoring.


Consumption statistics

Consumtion monitoring via web browser.
Leak detection !


Production statistics

Monitoring of production and downtime via web browser.
Check production flow and analyse downtime problem.
Optimize your production !


Opto 22’s SNAP PAC & EPIC Systems and groov operator interfaces address these goals common to OEMs by providing powerful yet easy-to-use software, hardware with OEMspecific advantages, years of experience working with machine builders, and a lower cost of ownership.

Based on flow charts and process descriptions, our assignments often begin with instrumenting/automatizing a process. This includes control systems, control cabinets, indicators, valves, measuring equipment etc.


System Integration

When you try to implement IoT projects and applications, you often find a gap between OT and IT systems—a gap in technologies, personnel skillsets, and culture. Bridging this OT/IT gap is essential to a successful IoT project.
Certified OptoPartners have uniquely experienced and knowledgeable about both OT and IT systems. We can help you bridge the gap and bring your IoT project to reality.