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Processmeter DPM79 and Process Source 11+ is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting and calibrating of process equipment.

Check and calibrate :
- Controller, PLC & Control system
- Valve actuators & I/P-converter
- Loggers, Recorders
- Alarm system etc.


Processmeter DPM79

Processmeter is a handheld, battery-operated tool for measuring & simulation of electrical parameters. It has all the features of a digital multimeter (including the feature of RTD and TC)
and it could also output signals. All in one unit! 


Process Source 11+

Now it’s easy to calibrate, verify & check your process equipment status!
With Process Source 11+ you can easy simulate the most common sensors with high accuracy. 


Charger Pack

Option: Charger with battery kit
(4×1.5 V alkaline AAA batteries or 4×1.5 V Ni-MH AAA batteries )


Power Pack 24VDC

Option: Battery pack 24VDC for power up 2-wire loop application.
For charging use Charer Pack.